About Caledon East Children's Place


About Us

Caledon East Children’s Place (CECP) is a non-profit organization, licensed by the Ministry of Education. CECP has been serving families in Caledon East since 1988, providing quality early learning and child care services to Toddler, and Preschool children, aged 18 months – school age. The childcare centre has also served as steady place for employment and student teacher field placements. CECP has partnered with both DPCDSB and PDSB, offering a before and after school care program.


Our Commitment

Caledon East Children’s Place is committed to ensuring that every child is:

  • Valued as an individual and connected to others in our environment. They form authentic caring relationships with others, contribute and create a sense of belonging with their peers, their group, their classroom community and their world.   
  • Nurtured and supported to promote positive well-being, healthy development and a positive sense of self. Children are reinforced with positive forms of attachment to support their development.
  • An active participant in their environment. They are co-constructors of their world. Children are active learners that engage as they plan, play, inquire and recount their experiences. They problem solve, think creatively and express ideas which is essential to their success and development.
  • Recognized as capable, competent, curious and rich in potential. Children are encouraged to express themselves physically, verbally, or through the use of different materials. This promotes positive communication; language skills and a strong sense of self where they can be become equal partners and develop problem solving skills. Each child is valued as an individual. 


Our Mission Statement

Caledon East Children’s Place strives to be a leader and community partner by providing the Caledon community with the following:


  • Excellence in the delivery of inclusive childcare services
  • Support to families in needs of care
  • Collaboration with other childcare centres within the Region of Peel
  • Collaboration with DPCDSB and PDSB
  • Education and information regarding childcare services


Photos of our Facility

CECP subscribes to HiMama, this app allows families to receive personal updates about their child’s day (how much they had to eat, when they slept, etc.) as well as photos of the experiences that they have had throughout the day. Families can also send and receive personalized messages directly with their child’s teachers each day.

Download HiMama for free today:

Our Staff

Meet the Entire CECP Team

Anisa Chernecki

Rajdeep Gakhal

Rajdeep Gakhal

Deanna Pacheco

Deanna Pacheco

Katy Jolicoeur

Jessica Arnold

Kelsey Dale

Jordan Watson

Aman Jassal

Supreet Kaur

Tammy Brown

Isabelle Bouzan

Sukhdeep Sharma

Jennifer Massacci

Taylor Burke

Rachel Rowlinson